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History and Significance of Amethyst stone

Amethyst stone is one of the most precious stone. Its deposits are very rare and its properties are intricate. People of ancient Egypt used to treasure it and only the high priest were allowed to wear it. This stone is purple or lilac colored quartz deposit produced in the form of crystal. According to some historians, Amethyst stone was used to prevent intoxication and fight alcohol addiction. Its structure is rhombohedra in shape and its composition contains iron and magnesia which imparts the violet color.

 Geological Significance:

The evidence of early uses of Amethyst is found in Egypt where it was used in the medieval ages. Its deposits are found in Santa Cruz, Brazil; from there it is excavated and supplied all over the world. Manganese is also found in some of the samples which may be the reason behind its lilac shade.

Some specimens of this stone are also found in Dusseldorf, Germany which contains a small amount of sulfur and iron. Archeologists have found traces of this stone in the graves of Anglo-Saxon people. Primarily Amethyst stone is found in Canada, Madagascar, Europe, America, Mexico, India, Africa, and Uruguay. Many people look for Amethyst stone online these days. It is formed from quartz mineral which is usually found in metamorphic and igneous rock sediments.


As it is already mentioned the purple color is due to the concentration of manganese and the quantity of iron is responsible for the intensity of the shade. 


Egyptians believed that Amethyst stones prevented them from negative thoughts and action. This stone was very precious for them. They used the stone to protect themselves from dark forces, as they were believer of sorcery and witchcraft. Because of its psychological properties this stone was believed to prevent addiction. Even the Greeks used it against addiction. Amethyst is also known as Bishop Stone. Its biography also includes its cathedral history. It is also a birthstone for the people born in the month of February having Pisces as their zodiac sign.

Healing Properties:

Amethyst stone is known for imparting wisdom to people. It also helps relieve the symptoms of stress and migraine and calms the people wearing it. For Amethyst to work properly the ambience should be positive. Some people call this dream stone as it prevents insomnia by assisting in getting a good sleep. It provides strength and positivity to the body and protects the brain from deception. People around the world buy Amethyst stone online not just for being a gemstone but also for its importance in meditation and healing.

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